What is Larrien Quest

Larrien Quest started as a personal motivational tool for a potato named Larrien. This is what she can say

She Said:

Worry is pouring heavier and heavier as the pandemic plagues my country. To top if off, most of the world’s now connected to the Internet, causing higher competition when it comes to job opportunities. The problem is, I’m not someone with 5+ years of experience, or I don’t even have a degree yet… And while some people tell me to learn new skills or take online courses, the rain of worry is still there. I need find some means to help sustain my family’s needs.

She Said She Can Do:

My current skills are :

  • I type decently fast with 65-75 wpm (words per minute)
  • I know how to interact and use social media (Facebook, Twitter, IG, Discord and Youtube)
  • I can speak decent English. Although it’s my second language, I can communicate easily and comfortably with native English speakers. I have also worked as a Call Center Agent before but as of now I do not have high-quality headphones.
  • I’m a creative and love brainstorming, thinking new ideas.
  • I’m passionate about learning, and like to teach others, but so far my only teaching experience are to my 2 younger siblings. I tutor them in their school lessons.
  • My graphic design skills are limited to :
    *I’m able to make ‘line art’ out of images.
    *I can do simple photo-manipulation
    *I can create images of text on pretty pictures

  • I can create basic videos with pictures, motion picture, text and with engaging music. I also know how to utilize screen-recording software.
  • I like to worldbuild as a hobby, and I also D&D, and enjoy being a Dungeonmaster.

    This game changed my life and inspired me to start Larrien Quest. I’ve learned to take my chances, because if I never try, I’ll never be able to meet that small chance of success. A small chance is always better than none. It also enhanced my confidence, not only from DMing, but from learning that, in the face of super scary monsters we should always believe in our capabilities, give our best , and trust the capabilities of the adventuring party. Everything will eventually lead to sweet victory, or that the adventure will always be worth the risk.

External Links :
> Milestone Zone ( currently unavailable )
> My Freelance Tree
> Twitter
> Facebook
> Email : elarrien15@gmail.com
> My Paypal.me (My current goal : $30 : to get new headphones with new microphone. This will help me a lot! I hope it will improve my work as well~ To continue creating content you enjoy)

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