N1: Panic in Comourn

After spending all her money to senseless items, Bliss was half a mile up Regret road, at the brink of being broke, when she stumbled upon the Puppetochio Loaners. Oh hey, a blessing!

The home-based team had just moved into the city, and the last thing anyone needed was to be scammed by informal loan sharks. You can imagine Bliss’ situation. Are they truly a part of some organized crime group? Or perhaps they’re just starting out as a loan business?

The notorious bank in Murn was known to be firm anyway. You either earn gold or you die. They don’t give floats to anyone drowning. They believe hardship would inspire hard work from their citizens.

“The vibe of this gentleman.” Bliss recalls of their exchange, smiling. “He’s so calm, and relaxed.”

And just when things couldn’t go wrong… People started to flock the streets, in panic. People from their homes, the church, shops, hospital, guilds, taverns and even guardhouses are coming together in a ball of chaos. They’ve never done this before, not as powerful and crazed as this. Now they seem to be in frightening times. Just hang on there, Bliss. It’s nice that you’ve finally took a loan for your material urges, rent and tuition, but Comourn needs heroes, now more than ever.

But why? Why are they panicking? Why are they in the middle of the street? Their sense of urgency shall be revealed in chapter two.

Perhaps, I should add a beholder? But that would be silly. They don’t just walk in unannounced in such place! Did the light from the pillarclock fade, already? Will the famed city hero, Christopher Mellowdust, rise up to the cries of his people?

Published by Larrien Quest

Life is an adventure!

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