Bliss Loves Animals more than People

cute brown rodent

Here’s something about Bliss. She really loves animals. During her early adventuring days, she had a strong desire to own a pet. There had been moments where she would get distracted every time animals are present. What about those times when she literally rolled on mud, playing with pigs, goats, and horses?

She’s just being awestruck with the wonders of land animals. This originated from her upbringing as a water genasi. Aquatic creatures were part of her mundane existence. Bliss grew up with no exposure to solid plains. So when she met Zorbo, her makeshift teddy-bear creature, she felt that her life was complete. This moment changed her life. Adventuring may be tough but she would always strive to survive for that little furball in a tiny cage.

“I’m going to be a powerful cleric soon.” She whispered to the brown blob of fur, his beady eyes twinkled at the sound of a friend. “But I’ll always remember my source, where I’ve come from. When all this is over, I’ll show to others that kindness isn’t always weak. Anger isn’t always brutal violence. It can be used to protect the weak instead.” At that moment, the cleric released the beast from his cage, and he caressed the inside of Bliss’ hand. “But you, Zorbo. You aren’t weak. You’re strong for making me strong! By Istishia, you’ve calmed the storms of my mind with your presence.”

Bliss connected her forehead with the Zorbo’s small head, in a heartfelt hug. Oh, such wholesomeness!

Alright!” The blue-haired chirped. “That’s probably our ride.” As always, the galley to Port Nyanzaru is punctual. It would arrive an hour earlier though every time Bliss and her Zorbo boarded the ship. Why are they headed to Port Nyanzaru? Well, less then a year ago, the water genasi came upon the tropical city to answer a quest. Ever since, she’s fallen head over heels with the place. It’s like a perfect balance between water and the wild nature of the inland. When she’s not adventuring into the crazy jungles of Chult, she would hangout at the port. Now, she’s made good acquaintances amongst the locals who ask for her blessing before a trip. Sometimes, she works part time, guiding the boats as they depart and arrive.

People gravitated to her gentle nature, and kindness. She’s always open to the locals. Bliss loves people too, but let’s be honest here… That’s just second to her love for animals! “I can’t help it!” She would say, giving Zorbo small pats on its head before returning him to the cage. It’s time to go home.

As a player, I’m proud of Bliss for her accomplishments. A long time ago, she was just a water genasi with a side of wanderlust. Now? She’s nearing level 20. I look forward to more adventurers with this beautiful soul.

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